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Soon we begin production of Carts for euro crates. Suitable for meat industry, bakery industry, for trade, for warehouses and more...


About Us

In 1956 is founded the company "Maksić George" in Novi Sad, owner by Maksić George. The company produces a variety of equipment for agriculture, especially livestock farming. Part of the production company was located from 1965 to 1980 in Inđija (between Belgrade and Novi Sad). From the company "Maksić George" were created "POLJOTEHNIKA" owner Maksić Bosko and firm "Agroservis", the owner Maksić Milorad. The headquarters of the company "AGROSERVIS" is in Rumenka (Novi Sad, Serbia) and "POLJOTEHNIKA" is in Veternik (Novi Sad, Serbia).



"Maksić George" is the holder of several patents, including:

  • - Drinkers for pigs and other livestock
  • - Grinding mill waste in the meatpacking industry
  • - Pumps, valves and complete distribution system for liquid feeding pigs and other

"Agroservis" also holds several patents in the field of poultry and livestock, and is engaged in manufacturing following equipment:

  • - Cage equipment for pig farms
  • - Cage equipment for laying hens
  • - Equipment for the exhibition of small animals
  • - Plastic crates
  • - Crates for transport of small animals.


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  • SZR AgroServis
  • MB 53597645
    PIB 102085948
    Kisački put 2
    Rumenka 21201 Serbia
  • Web: www.agroservice.rs/en
    E-mail: office@agroservice.rs